Friday, May 20, 2005

Me in my first tournament.

This tournament is still not complete, but let's toss in a little bit of backstory to this before I get too deep into the game. When I first joined this site, I had an early setback against a very low rated opponent. This lowered my rating GREATLY, which is normal, especially with BCF ratings. BCF ratings are based only on your last 50 games, and that makes them fairly volatile, which is good if you want to track your progress. Anyhow, I'm sitting around with a terrible rating, so I accept my fate and join a beginners tournament. I have had one draw and one loss so far (with two matches each in a field of 15, not too bad) for the score +15 -1 =1. This is my draw. This is against a lower rated opponent, and I have MANY chances to win this game. The main reason for posting it is because the score graph from Crafty is out of this world. The PGN might be hard to read, but that doesn't matter. The tactics are super easy and I think that I just played this game a little fast. [Event " server game"] [Site " "] [Date "2005.4.7"] [Round "NA"] [White "psalcido"] [Black "funkster"] [Result "1/2-1/2"] [Termination "White stalemated"] [Mode "ICS"] [DateLastMove "2005.4.13"] [ECO "A41"] [Board "1281502"] 1. d4 d6 2. Ng1f3 c6 3. c4 e6 4. Nb1c3 d5 5. e3 dxc4 6. Bf1xc4 b5 7. Bc4b3 Ng8f6 8. O-O Bc8a6 9. Rf1e1 c5 10. a3 c4 11. Bb3a2 Nf6d5 12. Nc3xd5 exd5 13. b3

After 13. b3, Black to Move
Black to Move
I can't remember what Crafty says here, other than the fact that 13. ... c3 (which my opponent plays) is a bad move. Perhaps you guys should take a look. I don't think that there are any winning moves here, or major tactics, but there are always great opportunities in positional study. 13. ... c3 14. b4 Nb8d7 15. e4 Bf8e7 16. Ba2xd5 Ra8c8 17. Bc1f4 Nd7f6 18. Bd5b3 h6 19. e5 Nf6d5 20. Bf4g3 f6

After 20. ... f6, White to Move
White to Move
Now this, here, is an interesting tactical position. It enables white to win the exchange, but that really isn't a lot. Crafty seems to like it though. I don't know what you want to call the theme, and it's not forced, but something like create-a-pin into poorly defended piece into knight fork. I will post what crafty has found later in the comments, or here in an edit, but spend some time on this one. It is certainly worth it. This is the only tactic in this entire game that is worthy of being solved. All of the others are more like mistakes, but I'll comment on those anyways. Now, back to the game at hand. 21. Bb3xd5 Qd8xd5 22. exf6 gxf6 23. Qd1d3 f5 24. Bg3h4 Rc8c7 25. Bh4xe7 Rc7xe7 26. Qd3xc3 Ke8d7 27. Re1xe7 Kd7xe7 28. Qc3c7 Qd5d7

After 28. ... Qd7, White to Move
White to Move
This is my first major retarded move. This is so simple, but at this point I'm blitzing out moves, because my opponent is on the server. I think that a lot of this goes on, and the fact that you might have fifty or so games running at a time leaves you looking at position after position, trying to resolve your old plan (they have planning notepads, though), or to create a new one in a matter of a few moments. The simple 'in-between move' is 29. Re1+, winning the Queen. This is obvious, and I should have seen it. That is why you post these games, so that some moves that are SO embarrassing cause you to pay more attention, so that you are less likely to make the same mistakes. 29. Qc7xd7 Ke7xd7

After 30. ... Ke7, White to Move
White to Move
At this point, I don't know what is wrong with me. The Knight fork is RIGHT THERE, I mean, even a 500 USCF woodpusher can see it. Even I can see it, in retrospect. To be perfectly honest, I don't deserve the draw that I get out of this game, but when you see the last move, my opponent doesn't particularly deserve the win, but we did have a lot of fun, and some good conversation. Well... 30. Nf3e5 Kd7e7

After 31. ... Bc8, White to move
White to Move
I hope that if I ever meet another Knight in combat, that it isn't on a day where I play like this. This is horrific. I don't know what is wrong with me here. I am rated nearly 200 points higher than my opponent, but I can't see what is being offered right in front of my face. I normally see Knight forks too. I can pull up game after game after game that has a total fork fest, or a series of attacks involving good use of the knight, or games that consist of endgames where I dominate over a knight with a bishop. I understand how the piece plays, but I am completely blind to it. I think that what is really going on is that I am so wrapped up in the positional play of the game, that I can't see the tree from the forest. Of course, there isn't a lot of good positional play here either. And now, the blunder ball. 31. Ra1c1 Ba6c8 32. Rc1c7 Ke7f6 33. Rc7xa7 Bc8e6 34. Ra7b7 Rh8c8 35. f3 Rc8c1 36. Kg1f2 f4 37. Ne5d3 Rc1c2

After 37. ... Rc2, White to move
White to Move
I forgot to bring my magical glass pieces to the ball, and it is beginning to show. I am about to leave my Knight behind, and my opponent has my number. YIKES! Crafty has a recommendation, which is ALWAYS does, of Kg1. I don't like having my pieces limited like that, and that creates a possible draw situation, but thats something that I can live with, because that's what I end up with anyways. This is the first place where my opponent gets the upper hand in the score graph for the game. 38. Kf2f1 Be6c4 39. Rb7b6 Kf6e7 40. Rb6xh6 Bc4xd3 41. Kf1e1 Rc2xg2 42. h4 Bd3c4 43. Rh6h5 Ke7d6 44. Rh5g5 Rg2e2 45. Ke1d1 Re2e3 46. h5 Re3d3 47. Kd1c2 Rd3xf3 48. h6 Rf3f2 49. Kc2c3 Rf2f3 50. Kc3b2 Rf3b3 51. Kb2c2 Rb3xa3

After 51. ... Rxa3, White to move
White to Move
The bell is wringing, and my fairy grandmaster is calling me home at midnight. Of course, in respects to the Cinderella story, the game comes back my way when things look like their worst, however, my move here is about as bad as it gets. I don't deserve anything in this game, and, hey, finally one of us (my opponent) catches a major tactic. Watch my next move, and notice the joy in my face. 52. Rg5f5 Bc4d3 53. Kc2d2 Bd3xf5 54. Kd2e2 Bf5g4 55. Ke2f2 Ra3h3 56. Kf2e1 f3 57. Ke1f2 Rh3xh6 58. Kf2g3 Bg4h5 59. Kg3f2 Kd6d5 60. Kf2e3 Rh6e6 61. Ke3f2 Kd5xd4 62. Kf2g1 Re6e2 63. Kg1f1 Kd4e3 64. Kf1g1 Bh5g6 65. Kg1f1 Bg6d3 66. Kf1g1 Re2e1 67. Kg1h2 f2 68. Kh2g3 f1=Q 69. Kg3g4 Qf1f3 70. Kg4h4

After 70. Kh4, Black to Move
Black to Move
Things are looking really bad for me here, and the mate is very simple, but my princess charming (please let it be Anna Hahn, or some Russian supermodel chess master), is coming my way, to protect me from the ravages of my opponent. Go ahead, resolve mate in two, but don't do what my opponent did in the process. Re1g1 {White stalemated} 1/2-1/2 Yes!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Began my Circles over.

Now that I have more info, I have restarted my circles. 500 questions. One month, 2 weeks, 1 week, 4 days, 2 days, 1 day is plan.
0-10083% (inc)n/an/an/an/an/a
This is for several reasons. I wanted less problems to play more chess. I also have lots to do around the house. Further, I, even as an atheist, have found some solace in Buddhism, and have been practicing it more extensively lately. I even have a blog: Ranting Buddhist, that I have devoted to my take on the social issues of the day. Also, now I have a base to start from, the rating on the email chess site. I will let you know how that goes in the future. We are starting at 1478. I get less time on the computer at home (because of my focus on my family more lately), but I hope to set up some of the diagrammed games like I did earlier. If I fail to complete these circles, however, I will just have to live with a simple chess blog. I guess that's life.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Sorry I haven't posted in a while...

I haven't had as much time in my schedule to do the practices, but I'm still out there. I plan to do some catch up, but ofcourse, more to do. The one thing that I am really trying to do is set up an established rating on so that I have someplace to move forward from. It uses the BCS rating system. After 50 games, it marks your rating as non-provisional, and then after every 50 games, you are only rated on the 50 games previous to that, so that I'll be able to mark my rating every 50 games or so, and be able to tell exactly where I'm at. Playing 40 or so email games at a time is very straining, but very fun for that same reason. Coming back to an extremely large number of positions and trying to quickly solve a move is really enjoyable, and works some brain muscles I didn't even know I had. Currently, after 44 games, my rating is 1469, and I hope that I can keep it up there and move it higher after my next 50 games, but after (quickly) getting my original rating, that is when I plan to split my time evenly between games and practice, so that I can do comparisons based on how far I am in the program. Please don't remove me from the list!!! I have been doing tons of play, and I really do look forward to posting some of it here, swear!